Computational Resources

Main areas of CRS activity:

  • Server hardware
  • Service infrastructure
  • Server Virtualization System
  • Desktop Virtualization System
  • Data Backup System

Server Hardware

 Blade servers HP BL465cG7 and BL460cGen8

  • Rack servers HP DL585G7, DL560Gen9, DL380Gen9
  • Data storage system HP 3Par V800 and F400
  • Data transmission network switching units H3C
  • Storage area network switching units HP SAN 8-80
  • Tape library MSL8096
  • Virtual library HP B6200
  • Blade servers HP BL465cG7.
  • Blade servers HP BL460cGen8.
  • Rack servers HP DL585G7.
  • Rack servers HP DL560Gen9.
  • Rack servers HP DL380Gen9.
  • Total processor cores:
  • 48 two-socket servers AMD Opteron 6174
  • 9 four-socket servers AMD Opteron 6174
  • 16 Intel Xeon E5-2697-v2-based two-socket servers
  • Aggregate servers memory: 8.9 TB
  • Total performance of processor cores: 19 TFlops.

Data Storage Systems

  • Disk array HP P10000 3PAR V800
  • Total disk space volume is 517 248 GB*
  • Data storage system of Hi-End level, fail-safe cluster architecture, support of virtual and cloud data processing centers of corporate class.
  • High-speed disks SSD 200GB., SAS FC 600GB., NL 2TB ., NL 4ТБ.
  • Disk array HP InServ 3PAR F400
  • Total disk space volume is 153 600 GB*
  • Midrange data storage system, scalable, with sufficient capacity. Industry’s first storage system with the possibilities of four controllers for its class.
  • Disks SAS FC 600GB 15k rpm .
  • Total disk space volume:  670 848 GB*
  • * Raw disk space volume specified

Virtual and Tape Library

  • Virtual library HP B6200
  • Total storage volume 96 TB*
  • Data back-up system HP StoreOnce B6200 Backup provides high-capacity backup architecture with the scaling out functionality. Drivers sets emulation for multi-thread writing. CIFS/NFS storages support. Deduplication of high degree 4.1:1. Writing speed up to 40TB per hour.
  • Tape library HP MSL 8096
  • Total capacity without compression 153 TB
  • HP StorageWorks MSL 8096 Tape Library System provides fast and safe backup. It has 96 slots for tape devices with the volume of 1.8 TB. Data compression to 2:1.
  • * Raw disk space volume specified

Telecommunication Equipment

  • Data transmission network switching units:
  • Core - H3C A7500
  • Backup core - HP 5800AF-48G
  • Storage area network switching units:
  • Core – HP SAN 8-80

Utility Services:

  • Active Directory global user catalog
  • Domain name server DNS
  • Active Directory certification server
  • MicrosoftWSUS products updates server
  • Microsoft KMS products activation server
  • Exchangee-mailserver
  • Corporate file server
  • MS Lync unified communications system (Skype for Business)
  • NTP time servers

VMware vSphere 5.5 server virtualization system

The whole server infrastructure is built on Vmware vSphere virtualization platform.

Vmware is a world leader in software development for virtualization systems.

Virtualization benefits:

  • Effective use of server hardware through the consolidation of physical resources to single computing pool
  • Higher levels of fault tolerance of virtual machines operation, physical hardware protection from failures
  • User-friendly scaling out in updating the hardware platform
  • Virtual machines, services and applications isolation
  • Reduced allocation time for computing resources

The number of ESXi hypervisors in Production cluster - 37

The number of virtual machines in Production cluster – 306

The number of virtual machines for test environment - 142

VMware Horizon View 5.3 desktops virtualization system

  • User has the same desktop on any client (PC, thin client, etc.)
  • Savings on client equipment
  • Deployment time acceleration
  • Virtual desktops pool management from a single console
  • Centralized administration and security
  • Office applications speed improvement
  • Scalability

Veeam Backup&Replication backup system

Comprehensive software, designed for backup in virtual environments. The main advantages of Veeam Backup&Replication are as follows:

  • Full integration with VMware vSphere virtualization platform;
  • Agent-free backup through vSphere API;
  • Integration with HP 3Par data storage system;
  • File systems, Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, MS SQL objects recovery at the level of transactions;
  • Immediate recovery from backup copy;
  • Automated backup copies verification as per schedule in isolated environment;
  • Virtual machines replication to remote DPC, emergency switching to backup DPC in the event of interruption;
  • Built-in deduplication and data compression to minimize the needs for storage resources;
  • Backup copies transfer speed improvement to remote site by 50 times (in comparison with standard files copying) due to built-in WAN acceleration