Website Development and Support

IT department  monitors and organizes comprehensive measures aimed at ensuring the operation of web projects at the Nazarbayev University.

Where to start ?

If you want to start the creation of a new website or development of the functionality of an existing information system, fill out the form and send it to the specialists of NULITS.  The rules and the form can be found on the internal portal. You can see them by following the link.


Main services:

  • Architecture, development, integration, migration, and support for websites;
  • Interface development (UX / UI design);
  • Development of corporate identity and brandbooks, graphic design;
  • Technical support and update of site management systems;
  • Web infrastructure administration and information security;
  • Online site promotion: search engine optimization and web analytics;
  • Localization and elimination of complex software malfunctions;
  • Training of users and work with individual requests;

Website development and support service supports high-loaded web projects, payment systems and integration of third-party APIs. In addition, we can provide consulting services on: information security and source code auditing, small marketing, business process automation, web analytics.