ERP Systems

The ERP system service of the IT department provides services for the maintenance and development of the systems: "1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan" (1C:UPP) and “1C: Consolidation” in Nazarbayev University and its affiliated organizations. Service specialists ensure uninterrupted operation of systems, consult on their use, and develop new functionality according to user requirements.

The configuration "Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan" of the "1C: Enterprise 8" software system is a solution of the ERP class, covering the management and accounting in a large enterprise. It forms a unified information system for managing various aspects of the organization's activities.

Functional capabilities of the systems include the following modules

  • Accounting;
  • Tax accounting;
  • Budgeting;
  • Personnel management and payroll calculation;
  • Production Management;
  • Management of fixed assets;
  • Cash management;
  • Management of mutual settlements;
  • Warehouse management (stocks);
  • Student accounting;
  • Consolidation of financial statements.

1C:UPP as part of the information space of Nazarbayev University

The 1C:UPP system is integrated into the general information field of Nazarbayev University, which includes many automation and accounting systems.

Within the framework of 1C: UPP integration, the system automatically exchanges information with the following information systems:

  • Unified user management system (UUMS). From 1C:UPP unload information about staff movements of employees to manage their accounts, allowing you to control access to all systems and services of the University.
  • The office of the registrar system. 1C: UPP downloads information about orders on students for the purpose of further mutual settlements.
  • Hotel Management System (HMS), housing stock accounting system. 1C: UPP unloads information about the received fixed assets, as well as information on incoming payments for utilities. 1C: UPP downloads the information about movements of fixed assets and information about services provided for accommodation.
  • Library system. 1C: UPP downloads the information about the received positions of the library fund.
  • Phone Book. 1C: UPP downloads the current information about the place of work and the position of the employees of the organizations.

Services provided

  • Accepting user services applications. If there are any work errors in the 1C:UPP system or if you need help, please contact the or call (70) 58-09.
  • Update 1C:UPP. The update is made in connection with changes in legislation, which regulates the specifics of personnel, accounting or tax accounting. The updating is carried out in process of publication of official releases of firm 1С.
  • Development / completion of output forms and reports. To develop a new report or finalize an existing report or output form based on available system data, the user can contact the specialists of the ERP system. In this case, the user must provide a layout of the output form with a detailed description of the algorithms for filling the output form.
  • Improve existing and develop new accounting mechanisms, service functions, modules and subsystems. If the corresponding need arises, the user must provide experts of the ERP system with the most detailed description of the requirements for the functional with expected results of the work.


All ERP system specialists have the knowledge, skills and skills necessary for servicing and developing ERP class systems based on 1C software products.1C certificates confirm the competences of each employee of the ERP system.

Employees of the service have the following certificates:

  • Knowledge of the basic capabilities of the platform 1C Enterprise 8 - 1C: Professional (5 certificates);
  • Knowledge of the basic configuration capabilities of "ERP 2.0 Enterprise Management" - 1C: Professional (1 certificate);
  • On knowledge of the basic configuration possibilities "1C: Consolidation" - 1C: Professional (1 certificate);
  • For knowledge of the basic configuration capabilities of "Accounting for Kazakhstan" - 1C: Professional (3 certificates);
  • For knowledge of the basic configuration options "Salary and personnel management for Kazakhstan" - 1C: Professional (2 certificates);
  • On development and modification of applied solutions on the technological platform 1C: Enterprise 8 - 1C: Specialist (2 certificates);
  • On development and modification of the application solution "Salary and personnel management 8" - 1C: Specialist (1 certificate);
  • Certified teacher of the course "1C: Enterprise 8. Accounting for Kazakhstan: Practical application of a typical configuration".