Information Security

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The Department of Information Security (DIS) aims to achieve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

DIS performs the following tasks:

  • defining requirements for the information security system, its carriers and processing;
  • providing methodical, advisory assistance and coordination of works on the creation and development of an integrated security system (business processes, networks, systems, databases, service PCs);
  • developing of internal documents and recommendations to optimize software and hardware capabilities to protect information from computer threats;
  • compliance monitoring to establish rules for safe system operations;
  • assessing the effectiveness of measures taken used protective equipment;
  • monitoring of users operations within the information space of the University;
  • accepting computer incident applications to provide user assistance fto prevent computer incidents;
  • analysing of work related to computer incidents;
  • Adjudicating incident disputes;
  • installing of DLP agents on office PCs to prevent unauthorized information transfer (examination papers, scientific research work, confidential information, commercial and service information);
  • installing service and confidential data cryptography.

To contact us, please send an e-mail to that includes the following;

  • the name of event to be arranged and reason
  • your email signature should include: name and surname, position, names of organization and structural unit (subdivision), phone number of the initiator, mobile phone number (if necessary).
  • The privacy warning that the correspondence is confidentiality. in accordance with accepted regulations at the University (Regulations on operation item 12 sub-item 10).

DIS is authorized to ask for an official note on any arrangement. We reserve the right to refuse work depending on the scope and kind of incident or event.


Installation, configuration and maintenance of some McAfee products:

  • Total Protection for DLP (Discover, Endpoint, Monitor, Prevent)
  • ePolicy Orchestrator ePO;
  • Web Gateway;
  • McAfee complete data protection;
  • Host Intrusion Prevention;
  • Security Information & Event Management;

Information security services for separate organizations

Information security consulting

  • Consultations on elimination of discrepancies in the field of information security following the audit results;
  • Nonconformities elimination consultations based on information security audit.
  • McAfee Solutions consultations;

Development of draft documents in the field of information security.

Maintenance of daily information security procedures, account access management, etc.

Work with IT projects teams and information systems implementation groups.