In order to support the organizational mission of the Nazarbayev University, the IT department implements, maintains, and develops information systems, technologies, and services. The library department provides training on information literacy topics and shares best practices to other university libraries in the Republic of Kazakhstan and internationally.

NULITS offers the following services related to information technologies and library services:

  • Develop, implement, and support information systems and services (Customer Relationship Management, Admissions, Office the Registrar, Library, Moodle, ERP based on 1C:Enterprise, etc.);
  • Develop and implement software products based on customer needs;
  • Create, design, and implement websites;
  • Create mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone);
  • Lease computing resources;
  • Host servers in the university Data Center;
  • Computer equipment maintenance, repair and lease;
  • Technical support and lease of equipment for various events, conferences, forums, seminars, workshops, sports and entertainment events;
  • Telecommunication services provision;
  • Ensure customer information security;
  • Provide innovative information literacy training based on international standards in higher education.

We look forward to discuss with you our services.

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