Technical Website Support

Technical support and maintenance of websites are carried out on request through IT HelpDesk. In your request, please specify the name of the website and a detailed description of the problem or suggestions for improving the functionality of the website.

Below is a list of sites supported by NULITS:

 # Name
  1 Main site of Nazarbayev University
  2 School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  3 School of Engineering
  4 School of Science and Technology
  5 School of Mining and Geosciences
  6 School of Medicine
  7 Graduate School of Public Policy
  8 Graduate School of Business
  9 Graduate School of Education
10 National Laboratory Astana
11 Nazarbayev University Foundation Program
12 Eurasian Higher Education Leaders' Forum
13 Health and Safety Department
14 Career and Advising Center
15 Alumni Association
16 Social Development Fund