Technical assistance for video conferencing

For conducting a video conferencing session, you, as an organizer of the session, should file an application for a videoconferencing session by memo to PE “NULITS” (for NU and its organizations) via Directum. A responsible IT specialist will be assigned to your request.

To receive information about the complete procedure for the provision of event technical support, contact IT Helpdesk.

The application should be submitted at least five working days in advance.

When booking a room for a video conferencing session, please book it at least 15 minutes before the session actually begins. This time is required to turn on the equipment, establish a connection, and troubleshoot.

Please make arrangements and have a key available to open the video conferencing room.

It is strongly recommended to do a test call 10-15 minutes before start of the actual event, using the same equipment.

In case of technical difficulties during a video conferencing session please contact a responsible IT specialist who was assigned to your request.